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We specialize in providing Behavior Consultations and Private Training for reactivity, fear, and aggression.
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Micaela Frank speaks “dog.” She is sharply attuned not just to what dogs communicate vocally, but what they say with their bodies, their ears and their faces. She is endlessly patient and creative in designing positive strategies to address challenging behaviors, and she brings an energy and enthusiasm to her work that is absolutely contagious.…

Matt Cooper Eugene, Or

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Desi’s muzzle diaries

Guest Blog By Client Kristin Yarris Have you ever seen a dog wearing a muzzle and thought: that must be a “bad dog,” or “that person must be a bad dog human”? If so… think again! Dogs wear muzzles for MANY reasons… maybe they were adopted and had a bite history prior to being in their current human’s care, maybe they are nervous around other dogs, children, or large humans and their human just wants to keep everyone around them safe, maybe they feel more comfortable in a muzzle because it allows them to be out in the world in situations where otherwise their behavior might be unpredictable and this way they and their humans know everyone will be safe. Whatever the reasons, muzzles can be part of fear-free and

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Did you just rescue or adopt a dog? Thank you for adopting. We specialize in helping adopters integrate their new dog into their home. Rely on our extensive experience with shelter dogs to help you prevent problems before they start and have a smooth transition with your new family member.

Hi, I’m Micaela!

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed. I received this certification from the CCPDT. I am also a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. I specialize in on-leash reactivity as well as fearful dog behavior, but I enjoy working with dogs of all types.